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Property Search, Plats & Covenants

Understanding Lincolnshire Fields

The development of all the subdivisions that make up Lincolnshire occurred in many phases over many years.  As each new area was developed, a separate set of covenants was recorded and this is why we've developed the search procedure below to enable homeowner's to find the specific covenants applicable to their property.


If you'd like to view a map of the subdivision with addresses you can do so here. You can also view a map without addresses, or you can use the Champaign County GIS Interactive Mapping tool to locate any information about your property or those around you. 

To find which covenants go with an address, use the property search feature below. 

Champaign County GIS Interactive Map

Plats & Covenants for Lincolnshire Fields

Each of the several Covenants documents provides for the existence of, purpose for, and membership of the Architectural Control Committee.  Please consult your specific Covenants for details as that document details specific requirements and limitations for your area of Lincolnshire Fields.  (NOTE:  The membership of the Architectural Control Committee contained in each of the Covenants documents is outdated.)

​If you are planning modifications to your home and/or lot that will change the external appearance of your property, you should contact the Chair of the Committee before you begin your modification.  The Chair will review your plans to ensure that they meet the requirements of the covenants for your specific area.

Use the “Contact Us” link on this website to reach the President of LFHA who will refer your question to the Chair of the Architectural Control Committee if necessary.

Property Search

Property Search

Please type in the street name or number to locate the covenants. Once you know which covenants, look at them here.

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