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Tree Planting Program

The LFHA board of directors is concerned about the increasing numbers of trees that are being removed in our area due to disease or root damage to streets and sidewalks. Mature trees add a special ambiance and the board feels it is vital that new trees are planted in order to ensure Lincolnshire Fields remains a special place. To help address this concern, the board has established a program to encourage homeowners to plant new trees along our streets.

The Lincolnshire Fields Tree Replacement program encourages homeowners to help maintain the beauty of our area. The Homeowners Association will reimburse the cost—up to $100—of purchasing and planting trees in locations between the front of any home and sidewalk or up to $200 for a tree planted in the parkway (between the sidewalk and the street).  An extensive list of suitable trees has been developed to help homeowners decide which species of tree they would like at add to their property.

LFHA Tree Planting Reimbursement Program

Detailed information about many trees is available at the UI Extension website ( 

​In order to assure broad participation, we will be providing partial reimbursement for only one tree per homeowner per year but encourage you to plant additional trees. There is no deadline for ordering trees under this program but the selection of available trees becomes limited after early spring.  Also, keep in mind that the number of reimbursements may be limited by the Association budget.  If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity please complete the application form below and send it to the Association president.

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