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Plats & Covenants

If you want to find the plats and covenants for your specific area of Lincolnshire, use our Property Search to locate the documents based on your address.


Bylaws and Miutes


Updates were made in 2017.

Annual Minutes Downloads


Newsletter Downloads


Frequently Asked Questions

Get your common questions answered via our frequently asked questions section. For other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact a board member or the Board President directly. 

Emergncy Clean Up

Emergency Clean-up Instructions - Debris Removal

FEMA and the US Army Corps of Engineers has prepared the attached Debris Removal Guidelines to expedite cleanup in the event of a disaster. We know that should it happen to our area following a guideline may be the least of your concern, however, cleanup will take much longer to accomplish should some of this guideline not be followed. Champaign Township is providing this information to all homeowners within the Township. Please note the various types of debris and where it should be placed. The reason for separation of debris is for cleanup crews to be assigned to remove a particular debris, such as hazardous waste, and not have to separate it from trees, construction debris or electronics. Each item noted must be removed separate and disposed of.

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